Company Name Change Notificationnews1.9

Effective december 01, 2015, our company name has been changed as follows:
From: WTN (World Technic Nederland)
To: Zagroz Equipment Engineering

While our name is changing, your primary contact shall remain the same.
We kindly ask you to update your records accordingly and to address all future business correspondence to our new company name.

Please also note that all invoices should now be issued using the new company name.
Other than the company name, all other details and structures of the company as well as current contracts and other agreements remain unchanged.

If you have any further questions regarding the change of our name, please feel free to contact us.

Energy In Iran

As the world’s most important energy source, oil plays a vital role in society. Oil consumption is a driving force in economic growth, and oil is the principal fuel for the world’s transportation system. Oil corporations are among the world’s largest, and they wield enormnous economic and political power. Iran has the fourth largest oil reserves and the largest natural gas reserves in the world.

Iran is an energy superpower. The country is in a constant battle to use its energy resources more effectively in the face of subsidization and the need for technological advances in energy exploration and production. Energy wastage in Iran amounts to six or seven billion dollars (2008). The energy consumption in the country is extraordinarily higher than international standards. Iran recycles 28 percent of its used oil and gas whereas the figure for certain countries stands at 60 percent. Iran is one of the most energy inefficient countries of the world, with the energy intensity three times higher than global average and 2.5 times the middle eastern average. Half of the country’s energy is wasted in domestic sector, 3.4 of which is wasted through single-occupancy vehicle use and 2/3 parts of power plants’ energy are also wasted.


Iran has the potential to generate 40,000 MW of electricity from solar and wind energy, according to Deputy Energy Minister, Houshang Falahatian. He said that the country can generate around 30,000 MW from wind and 10,000 MW from solar power.

The minister informed that the current capacity of Iran to generate electricity from solar and wind is 250 MW. Falahatian said that ever since December 2014, Iran has been seeking for different sources for electricity generation. He emphasised minimum generation of 1,000 MW of electricity generation through RE in the nation.

Homayoun Haeri, the managing director of Iran Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Management Company (TAVANIR), said that by the Iranian year 1,400, i.e. March 2021-2022, the nation will target to fulfil 10 per cent i.e. 12,000 MW, of its electricity needs through RE.

Iranian Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian, in November 2014 had talked about plans to develop RE sources to generate electricity by 7 to 8 per cent annually.

Iran’s Biggest Solar Project

Iran’s Ministry of Energy has signed an agreement with a German company to build 1,250 megawatts of solar energy projects. It is the hydrocarbon-rich country’s latest move to green its energy supply chain.

Under the deal, the Germans will build several solar farms in Tehran, Tabriz and Isfahan as Iran embraces clean energy, head of the Tehran electricity distribution company Ali Barband said Monday without naming the foreign firm.

The plan for Tehran is to build 500 megawatts of solar projects, including 150 MW in Kahrizak, 200 MW in Varamin and 150 MW in Malard.

A further capacity for 750 megawatts of photovoltaic energy will be installed in central Isfahan and northwestern Tabriz, he told the Tasnim news agency.

“It was decided that the issue of land acquisition for construction of the plants is determined soon, after which a 20-year agreement for guaranteed purchase of power will be signed with the Germans,” Barband said.

In August, Iran and Germany signed a document for generation of 100 megawatts of wind power plus 400 MW of solar in the southern Khuzestan province.