Project Inquiry

We provide project-forwarding services to industrial clients and EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) companies
and we serve buyers and suppliers of large industrial goods, heavy and over-dimensional equipment.

Zagroz Projects carries out customized projects in the oil-, gas- and petrochemical industry, power plants, solar energy and wind industry. Our services include consultation at the project-planning stage, assistance in the initial setting up of project sites and carrying out of supervision during operations by qualified engineers and logistics experts.

We can also assist you in the field of project handling and transportation that requires a high level of expertise, special modes of transport by air, road, rail, inland waterway and sea, involving special equipment including jacking and skidding.

ProjectsProject Number
Core Area Valve (CHBK project)1-30,1-rev00
Kish Cluster Facilities and Pipelines2-31,1-rev00
Open Drain Caisson Pump (KCF project)3-31,1-rev00
Diesel Pump (KCF project)4-31,1-rev00
Fresh Water Pump (KCF project)5-31,1-rev00
Closed Drain Pump For Cluster Facilities #1 (KCF project)6-31,1-rev00
UV-resistant Epoxy Gelcoat System(SP 4910 SP 8565)7-37,1-rev02
UD Prepreg (Wind turbine Project)8-37,1-rev00
Cooling Water Refrigeration Package (NGL 3200 project)9-33,1-rev03
Purchasing Li… Pump Spare Parts 10-39,1-rev01
Aluminium Ring (wind turbine)11-37,1-rev00
RCC (Rotor Current Controller)12-37,1-rev00
VRCC (Vestas Rotor Current Controller)13-37,1-rev00
Bimetal Temperature Gauges (KCF project)14-31,1-rev00
Control Valves (KCF project)15-31,1-rev00
Level gauge (KCF project)16-31,1-rev00
Pitot tubes (KCF project)17-31,1-rev00
Material take Off For Valves 10000PSI For Cluster Facilities (KCF project)18-31,1-rev01
fitting and pipe (KCF project)19-31,1-rev00
ABB connectors (EH550 SK 877 005 AF)20-37,1-rev03
AEG generator parts for 30MW21-40,1-rev05
Copeland Compressor22-28,1-rev00
Inconel 625 (ASTM B564 - UNS N06625)23-20,1-rev01
King dream rock bits24-40,1-rev01
Lightening eliminators25-40,1-rev00
CT (PLC part)26-40,1-rev00
Parts for ‘WO………’ centeifugal pumps27-40,1-rev00
Pipe API 5L PSL2 X6528-27,1-rev00
chassis profile project (S355J2H , S275J2G3)29-37,1-rev00
SM Fiber Optical Cable30-38,1-rev04
Transmitter Housing (Beryllium Copper (UNS17200))31-29,1-rev00
Twin Screw Pump32-39,1-rev02